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Mediaguide App

MediaGuide App. Set up your TV recordings from anywhere at any time – so you’ll never miss your favourite show.

Mediaguide App on your tablet: set up TV recording anywhere, anytime!

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Enjoy smarter TV with Toshiba. Explore two different ranges each designed to make your viewing experience more personal: Toshiba Smart TV Cloud enhances the way you watch TV, with automatic recording via MediaGuide Replay and personal recommendations; whilst Toshiba Smart TV offers broadcast and online content essentials.

Entertainment-enhancing Sound Bars

Toshiba Sound Bars deliver a truly room-filling surround sound experience, enabling you to be immersed in your favourite music, movies and games. Our diverse range of Sound Bars provides powerful performance from comparatively small devices - turning TVs, laptops or mobile phones into high quality sound systems. What’s more, all of this is available quickly and easily, because there’s no complicated set up required - you simply plug-in and play.

Blu-Ray & DVD Players

Choose from Toshiba’s full range of Blu-ray and DVD players and get all the features you need. Watch movies in full HD, give older DVDs a new lease of life with industry-leading upscaling, and enjoy Freeview, DivX downloads, photos and music.

Accessorise with Toshiba

Toshiba accessories are designed to enhance the performance of your laptop, tablet, camcorder or TV.

From carry cases to data storage, system options and accessories to dedicated docking, we have all you need to help you get the most from your Toshiba products.