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In today’s world of technology, data can be accessed and shared 24 hours a day from just about any location. So how well can you account for your corporate IT assets? And what about the data they hold? Failure to monitor and control this part of your business can lead to data breach penalties and even worse, the type of negative publicity that can take years to repair.

The Computrace® product family by Absolute® Software allows you to centrally manage your IT assets within a single interface – the Absolute Customer Centre – where you can identify any computers that have gone missing, enforce software policies, and maintain a fleet of optimally running devices. And in the event of loss or theft, Computrace can help you recover your computer.


  • Manage - Manage and monitor all of your IT assets
  • Protect - Generate reports to prove your compliance with Government and corporate regulations
  • Recover - Remotely delete all sensitive information if your laptop is lost, or stolen, whilst the Absolute Theft Recovery Team work with the Police to recover your property
  • IT Asset Management - Manage all of your assets with the ease of a single interface. Monitor changes in asset information including user identification, physical location and the installation of software / hardware. One includes advanced reporting capabilities.
  • Data & Device Security - Delete data on missing computers and produce an audit log of the deleted files. Set alerts so you will be notified if non-compliant activities occur. Use the Device Freeze feature to freeze a computer.
  • Geotechnology - Use GPS or Wi-Fi technology to track your assets on an internet map. See current and historical locations within about 10 metres. Build pre-defined areas (geofences) and apply rules with alerts if an out-of-area condition occurs.
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