Thin, Light & Ultrabook™

Powerful, stylish, thin
and light laptops

Powerful, stylish, thin and light laptops. With laptops from 1.52kg and Ultrabooks weighing from only 1.68kg, these are our most desirable, portable laptops. With a choice of screen sizes and ultimate style, they are ideal for those who want a "mini laptop" for home or while on the move. Selected models also offer touchscreens, detachable keyboards or sliding screens.

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Additional Info

The great thing about buying Toshiba laptops is that their final use is up to the owner. Not every computer we sell will stay in the home for home computing and not every laptop will be used for educational purposes, but whatever the final use is, our Ultrabooks are sure to leave customers happy. These laptops are all thin, light, and extremely powerful. The ultrabooks on this page all weigh under 2.5kg, making them the perfect computers for the person on the go. Unlike other notebooks, users won't have to worry about straining their backs while they transport their personal computer.

Our Ultrabook™ computers are great for people on the move. Apart from being light enough to transport with any issues, these laptops also feature outstanding battery life. With more than 8 hours of power on average, if you forget your power cord, you can still get plenty of use out of your Toshiba lightweight notebook, which is great because there is plenty to enjoy on these machines. From Dolby advanced audio for superior entertainment quality to hard drive protection so none of your important word documents are lost, you can't go wrong with our array of lightweight Toshiba notebooks.