Toshiba Recovery Media
Why is a recovery medium necessary?

All current Toshiba laptops are equipped with an option to recover the hard disk drive, and therefore the complete system, back to its original factory state in order to deal with unforeseen system failures such as those associated with virus attacks or system crashes. You will have been given the option of creating your own Product Recovery images onto recordable DVD media shortly after you switched your laptop on for the first time but, should you not be able to utilise this media for any reason, you are able to order a copy by following a simple online procedure.

Toshiba recovery media features:
A fast and easy way to recover your laptop
Rebuilds the hard disk drive to its original factory state
Installs the operating system with all necessary drivers and any additional software supplied with the laptop
Just reboot your system and let the recovery do the rest
Service overview
Recovery Media can be purchsed for all Toshiba models produced after January 2007
Simple online order
Delivery to your location within two weeks
Shipments are available in most EMEA countries
How to obtain service?

Please go to the service page and follow the instructions to order your media

Recovery Media Order