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  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Consultancy and e-Commerce

    Allowing your employees to bring their own devices into the workplace can save money and training time – but without expertise, it can also cause significant issues. With our bespoke consultancy service, Toshiba can help you devise the best way to go about implementing BYOD; from employee cost management, to device security.

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  • Teaching and learning audit

    Technology can make learning better for everyone – but it’s important to use specialists to source and implement new hardware and software effectively. Toshiba’s teaching and learning audit helps schools identify their educational requirements, then explore the most effective ways of meeting them with cutting-edge solutions.

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  • Site and Classroom Design, Resources

    Ensure that your school is IT ready, with site and classroom consultancy from Toshiba. By determining cabled and wireless network options, assessing security for notebooks and tablets, evaluating classroom ergonomics and more, we make sure that your classrooms are ready to make the most of their new IT capability.

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  • Freedom learning

    Freedom Learning is the management platform that makes leasing and insuring education technology easier than ever. Through one user-friendly portal, it’s now possible to order, lease, insure, and even arrange parental contributions – so students can start benefiting from the latest technology sooner. With everything you need in one place, Toshiba Freedom Learning is the smart way to source education technology.

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  • Image Deployment

    For an immediate and lasting return on your new PCs, it’s important to have the software you need, right when you need it. Toshiba’s image creation support can help you achieve this – reducing IT support, training and licensing costs in the process – by designing, planning and implementing a standard software image that’s optimised specifically for your business.

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  • Asset tagging

    Monitor and maintain your company’s laptops and tablets, and ensure higher levels of productivity in the process. By keeping track of your estate with unique tags that intelligently monitor the performance of each machine, you can find out which of your PCs need replacing or repairing – before they cause any disruption to your employees.

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  • Deploy to desk

    Configuring new devices takes time, effort, and a significant chunk out of your day – unless you use Toshiba’s deploy to desk service. Allow us to take the hassle out of new deployments, with expert configuration set to your exact requirements. And with an up-to-date, individually optimised PC, new users can get to work straight away.

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  • Toshiba Cloud Client Manager

    Managing your organisation’s numerous mobile devices can be a complex task, requiring dedicated servers and taking up valuable resources. Toshiba’s Cloud Client Manager (TCCM) takes the cost and complication out of maintaining your assets – so you can focus on your business, and get the most out of your mobile workforce.

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    Manage, control and secure your mobile workforce

  • EasyGuard

    Toshiba’s EasyGuard helps you create the ideal laptop fleet for your business. Optimise new PCs according to the profile of the user by enhancing its security, physical protection, or connectivity options – and build a PC fleet that’s both compatible business-wide, and customised for each individual.

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    Optimised for you

  • LoJack

    It’s always annoying having your laptop stolen – but it could be even worse if your PC contains sensitive information, or business-critical data. Fortunately, there’s LoJack – the tool that allows you to remotely find, lock and wipe the data on your laptop if it goes missing – so even if the worst does happen, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your knowledge is safe.

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    Find, lock, and wipe your laptop remotely

  • Computrace

    In today’s world, it’s imperative you put measures in place to protect your business-critical records and files, just in case one of your PCs goes missing. With Computrace, you can do just that – centrally manage the data on your IT assets within a single interface, and recover any missing laptops using GPS or Wi-Fi.

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    Manage, protect and recover

  • LearnPad

    Education technology opens school children’s eyes to a world of enhanced learning, but how do you stop them from seeing things they shouldn’t? LearnPad provides a controlled way for children to interact with a vast range of educational content, from foundation level to KS4. The intuitive software includes a locked-down interface that only runs specific applications, and a child-safe web browser that restricts them to approved websites.

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    Specifically designed for safe computing

  • Capturatalk

    Ever wanted to take a picture of text and hear the words spoken back to you? Now you can. With the intuitive CapturaTalk app, you can take a picture of almost any written material – including books, leaflets, manuals and signs – and the innovative Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature then converts it into easy-to-read text, which can then be automatically read back to you.

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    Accessible text content for everyone

  • Becrypt

    Mobile working brings a host of benefits – greater productivity, versatility, reduction in overheads and IT costs – but it also increases the risk of hardware loss and theft, consequently jeopardising your sensitive information. Becrypt’s market-leading software gives you peace of mind in the form of full disk encryption, which works to protect data on your tablets, laptops, desktops, servers and removable media if the worst should happen.

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  • Driver portal

    If you want to keep your PC fleet up-to-date and efficient, installing and managing the right drivers is vital. And with our driver portal, you can manage them all in one place, with full installation orders, silent stitches, plug and play IDs and naming conventions all available on one user-friendly interface. Or, for even more efficient driver management, you can have your own personalised driver portal.

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  • Reliability Guarantee

    Toshiba has absolute confidence in its laptops. In fact, it’s so unlikely that your new laptop will develop a fault that we’re prepared to put money on it – meaning that in the highly unusual event of a break down within one year of purchase, you’ll get a free repair and a full refund*. It’s confidence guaranteed.

    *For full terms and conditions, please click here

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    Reliability Guarantee

    Never be without a working laptop

  • Extended Warranty and Warranty Uplift

    The last thing anyone needs are broken machines with expired warranties: you’ll have to pay for repairs or start searching for new devices, putting employees out of action. That’s why we offer extended warranties of three or four years. Or, you can choose to cover accidental damage and travel – and benefit from our on-site Repair Service – with our Warranty Uplift service. Who says you can’t buy peace of mind?

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    Extended Warranty and Warranty Uplift

    Keeping you covered for longer

  • Carbon Zero

    Negate the environmental impact of your laptop, with Carbon Zero, from Toshiba. Simply donate a small amount to bring the lifetime carbon footprint of your laptop down to zero – and contribute directly towards the community projects that will benefit our planet for generations to come. With your help, we can limit our impact on the earth.

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    Carbon Zero

    Offset the lifetime carbon footprint of your laptop

  • Leasing

    Break the constraints of your IT budget with innovative online lease financing for businesses via Shire Leasing.¹

    By using a monthly payment approach your businesses can avoid the upfront payment for essential equipment needed today and help enhance productivity and growth. With a choice of 24 and 36 monthly payments, take advantage of leasing today.²

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    ¹ Toshiba is acting as an introducer of Shire Leasing Plc. Shire Leasing Plc is acting as principal and lessor.

    ² Any lease or finance agreement entered into will be with Shire Leasing Plc, and subject to application, credit and their terms and conditions.

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  • Trade-in and responsible disposal

    We understand that when you upgrade, you want even more than a cutting-edge new business PC and a productivity boost for your money. That’s why we’re giving back up to £100 when you buy a qualifying Toshiba PC and trade in your old machine*. What’s more, we’ll dispose of your old laptop and its data securely, so your upgrade is less costly to you and the environment.

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    Trade-in and responsible disposal

    Get up to £100 cashback when you upgrade*

  • Toshiba data migration service

    With support for Windows XP coming to an end, many companies are in the process of upgrading to a new operating system. This is a big task – and one that requires considerable expertise. Fortunately, Toshiba’s data migration service is here to help. By surveying your hardware and software, then making recommendations about the best way to manage the upgrade, Toshiba can help make your migration seamless.

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  • Plan

    We can help you choose the right hardware, adopt a BYOD strategy, trade in your old kit and finance new purchases.

  • Deploy

    Get powerful new technology into the hands of your users with less risk and fewer delays.

  • Manage

    Keep our systems running smoothly and safely with security services, content and device management and driver updates.

  • Transition

    Get help removing, recycling or disposing of your assets in a responsible, cost effective and efficient way.

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  • Reliability Guarantee

    Your Toshiba Laptop won’t let you down. If it breaks, you’ll get a free warranty repair and your money back.

  • Trade-in

    Receive up to £100 for your old laptop when you trade in your old laptop.

  • Carbon zero

    Offset the lifetime carbon footprint of your Toshiba laptop.

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