The Toshiba mini NB200 allows you to stay connected. You can easily connect to other electronic devices and transfer data between them.

With wireless internet connections (Wi-Fi) becoming more and more ubiquitous, it's never been easier to surf on the move. The Toshiba mini NB200 has a built in wireless LAN so you can connect to the internet wherever there’s Wi-Fi

Its built in VGA web camera and microphone mean you can record your own video messages and make video calls across the web. Its SD card slot means you can quickly and easily view images from your digital camera on your mini notebook.

It's also equipped with Toshiba's innovative USB Sleep-and-Charge ports, so you can charge up your electronic devices even when your Toshiba mini NB200 is turned off.

Since not everyone has mini fingers, we designed the Toshiba mini NB200 with your fingers in mind! The near full size keyboard is a joy to use - you can type easily without feeling cramped, missing a key or making typos. And its new unique design is gorgeous to see, feel and use.

And though the keyboard is large enough to type with ease and comfort, the Toshiba mini NB200 is still small and light enough to carry around easily, wherever you need to be. And it's still packed with loads of innovative features making it suitable for all kinds of uses.

Worried about dropping your Toshiba mini NB200 and losing data? Luckily it's equipped with Toshiba's innovative hard drive protection. If there is a sudden movement it will automatically park the hard drive heads in less than half a second. This ensures your hard drive is not damaged and your data is kept safe and secure. And it is also kept safe from dangerous viruses with the award winning McAfee® Internet Security software.

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