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Work smarter with a Tailor-made Education Solution from Toshiba

Transform your school's IT

Unleash your superpowers

Manage your schools IT?


Our Tailor-made Education Solutions can reinvigorate the way you set up and use your cloud-based systems, saving you both time, and money.

Let us be your sidekick

We'll work with you to determine where we can help you improve your existing set up, and also help you take advantage of some amazing features within Office 365™ you may not even know you had access to.

Just think of us as your trusty sidekick working behind the scenes to make your life easier.

Easy does it

Together we'll identify which data sets you need, sort, and arrange them in one easily accessible solution, and then assist you with your Office 365™ migration.

We'll also give you access to your system on any device, directory synchronisation and much more.

Once we've done this we can then start introducing you to the real heroes at the heart of Transform.

Sharepoint Office365™

Better, faster... stronger

SharePoint is a great feature which allows us to create a bespoke, secure intranet without the need for costly servers or software, and empower your teachers to work effortlessly with cloud-based programs.

SSO can help aid management of accounts and increase security. We can also introduce it across a range of apps… just tell us what you need and we'll work to create the best solution for you.

Office 365™ offers a range of tools which can help teachers work faster and more intuitively. By eliminating any unnecessary existing software and installing Office 365™ correctly, we can help you get the most out of your existing set up and identify which tools will help teaching and learning within your school best.

Juggling lesson plans, admin, tech and students isn't easy. As a teacher you need superpowers, and Transform is the perfect weapon to add to your teaching arsenal.

Transform was created by Toshiba to help empower you and your fellow teachers to get the most out of your school's cloud-based software. With a few simple changes our tailor-made solutions can help make your working day easier, and help you to be the superheroes you really are.

Designed to save you time and money, we can Transform the way your whole school works with Microsoft Office 365™ in no time.

Let us do the hard work for you

Say goodbye to anything you're unhappy with… any niggles, any frustrations, any headaches – because your new IT set up is designed with you in mind, making the way you work every day more intuitive.

Just think of us as a trusty sidekick – working behind the scenes with your IT department to make your life easier, and save your school time and money.

We can also help you take advantage of some amazing features which will genuinely make a huge difference to the way you work, and leave your students awe-struck in the process too.

Better, faster... stronger

Power-up with your school's brand-spanking new intranet - yes... it's a truly amazing piece of technology which puts everything you need in one handy, online location – allowing you to monitor and brief homework via the cloud and save and access lesson plans from any of your devices, anytime, anywhere.


We'll also introduce you to new, powerful features in the Microsoft programmes you already know and love – thanks to Office 365™, they've been supercharged to allow you to work more efficiently and more effectively.


Supercharge your school with a Windows 10 Pro laptop.

Windows 10 Pro means business. Windows Pro 10

With us as your trusty sidekick, we can help you Transform your school and achieve superhuman results every day. If you'd like to see how Toshiba's education solutions could work for you, please get in touch with the team on b2b@toshiba.co.uk, or call 01932 825136

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