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An OEM Recovery Image for Business

We’ve all been there.

You get your new PCs. A large quantity of them. You take them out of the box. All nice and new.

You want to give them to your eager workforce but first you need to install your applications. You power the first one on…………………….and then everything slows down as you realise you have to remove a number of applications, links and settings that you don’t want and didn’t ask for.

Yes, the additional software that we as vendors add to the OEM image needs to be identified and removed, a time consuming process at best and one that needs to be repeated on each and every unit. This is because the OEM image does not have deployment rights so cannot be changed and then imaged and deployed. The recovery image can be dropped onto many notebooks as this is the condition it left the vendor but that isn’t going to help you in your situation.

Your next step would possibly be to speak to the Consultant team here at Toshiba for assistance in what can/should be removed or you may look to explore the use of Volume Licencing if you don’t already have VL in place so you can create your own image and deploy to your estate. However, both are time consuming in their own right: cleaning the OEM image is quicker than creating an image from scratch, but over multiple units it is actually longer, time consuming and prone to errors. Then there’s also the possibility that you don’t want to use VL.

There is however, another way:-

The above scenario is something that we have come across many times and is one of the reasons why this blog site was created. Through this we can give advice on what needs to be in your build if you are creating your own, and from that you can see what needs to remain in the OEM image, but again we keep coming back to the simple fact that this all takes time; and time equals money. That’s why we have created the Business Recovery Image (BRI).

The BRI is a special purchasable OEM recovery image that uses the OEM licence but does not include the usual additional software and configuration your organisation doesn’t want, such as:-

Software Removed and Config Changes:-

  • Google Drive
  • Service Station
  • Recovery media Creator
  • HDD/SSD Alert Utility
  • PC Health Monitor
  • Toshiba Video Player
  • WinZip
  • Evernote
  • Office Trial
  • McAfee Trial
  • Spotify
  • Manuals Removed
  • Toshiba Services Icon
  • Ebay icon
  • Cleaned IE Favourites
  • Homepage set to Toshiba.eu
  • Removed secondary homepages
  • New recovery wallpaper
  • New desktop wallpaper

This means that you can now restore all your new notebooks using the BRI and have the cleaned OS that you need, and because the additional software was never installed the OS Registry is clean with no orphaned entries. What’s more, after all the changes above have been made and the BRI created the actual recovery of the notebooks is half the time of a standard product recovery and saves some storage space. Now, with the clean OS you can install your own software via your preferred method, whether by AD Group Policies, scripted install over the network, or even manually.

We can even take things a step further with the Business Recovery Image Plus (BRI+). Here we will install up to 5 items of your software into the business recovery so you are able to recover the units and reduce your remedial workload, subject to correct licencing being in place and there being no technical limitations.

Service Part Number TRP
*Business Recovery BRI120EU-V £262.00
*Business Recovery + BRP120EU-V £500.00


It’s of importance to note that you are not purchasing a BRI or BRI+ for every unit. You are actually purchasing the BRI and BRI+ for the model range you have bought. For instance, if you have 10 x Portege Z30-B you will need 1 x BRI and likewise, if you have 100 x Portege Z30-B you will need 1 x BRI however, should you then have 1 x Z40-B you will need a second BRI.

The Toshiba Business Recovery is not for everyone but it might just be the solution you need to make your life easier and allow you the time to get on with other projects.

Until the next time,

Your Toshiba B2B Consultant Team

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