What is REGZA-Link?

Posted by Toshiba in TV
May 18th, 2010 98,328 2  

REGZA-Link helps you take charge of your home entertainment kit. It’s a neat system that uses standard HDMI cables to pass control signals from one device to another, meaning you only have to manhandle one remote control. Read on, and we’ll explain its benefits.

One remote to rule them all
Take a look at your Toshiba TV remote, and you’ll see there’s a switch to choose between your TV and other devices. The choices on offer will depend which model of REGZA TV you own, but you’ll sometimes see dedicated control buttons for DVD or Blu-ray players too.

If all your devices are connected using HDMI, that single remote can control all your kit. Just flick the switch and start jabbing at its buttons. You’ll find functions like volume control work without a second remote, and your DVD player can be turned on or off, and playback controlled without reaching for another controller.

It’s not just for home entertainment kit
You’d be forgiven for thinking that REGZA-Link’s talents only extend to DVD and Blu-ray players, set-top boxes and surround sound system. Don’t be mistaken though: almost any Toshiba product with a HDMI connection can hook up to REGZA-Link too.

Take the Satellite P500. It’s a seriously powerful media laptop, stuffed with a Blu-ray player, awesome gaming capabilities and oodles of storage for photos, video and music.

Hook it up to your TV, and REGZA-Link will turn it into a bonafide media centre, letting you skip through videos and control Blu-ray playback using your standard TV remote.

Non-Toshiba gadgets can play too!
REGZA-Link is built on top of the CEC protocol. That might sound geeky, but what it really means is REGZA-Link is standardised, and ready to work with non-Toshiba kit too. Check the packaging and manuals of any other home entertainment kit you own to see if it’ll work with CEC controllers. If you find that it does, your Toshiba REGZA TV will be all set to take charge of it too!