Toshiba TV problems solved!

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January 24th, 2011 216,333 29  

Got Toshiba TV problems? Help is at hand: read our handy FAQ right here and we'll explain the most common technical problems you might run into while trying to operate your lovely new flat panel. Read on and solve your imaging woes - all without the need for an engineer or a screwdriver with the head the shape of a snowflake, or something else only a mechanic will have.

My Toshiba TV won't power on!
If you're sat on the sofa, thumbing the power button on the remote and wondering why your Toshiba TV won't turn on, don't despair. The chances are you or someone else in your family turned it off at the hard switch on the set itself. You see, most TVs can only be turned off to standby with the remote, or completely off at the mains - which aren't always easy to reach if the socket is behind your TV stand.

But Toshiba includes a hard switch for keen greens to make sure no electricity is wasted when they're not watching. It's the most common of Toshiba TV problems, and it's caused simply by not realising a handy feature is there because few other brands include it.

Signals not being received
Toshiba TVs come with lots of ports on the back so you can plug in all your set top boxes and speaker equipment, no matter how old or new.  If you're struggling to see the Blu-ray you've put in the drive or the Freeview HD channel you want to watch, try changing the input source. All Toshiba TVs come with a remote that lets you switch between inputs (The devices you've plugged in) so keep going until you find the right one, and remember which one it is - HDMI 3 for instance, denoting the third HDMI input on the back.

Another sticking point to watch out for is to make sure you're using the best possible source. If your Toshiba TV has an analog aerial as well as a digital one for picking up Freeview, you could easily be watching a terrestrial channel on analog without realising and getting inferior picture quality. To check is easy: just see how many channels you can get, and if it's only five rather than fifty odd, switch the source to the digital tuner.

My HD pictures look low quality
This is another of the most common Toshiba TV problems that's most easily solved. First thing's first, what connection are you using to connect your Blu-ray player, games machine or Freeview HD box? While composite cables can output at 1080i resolution, image quality is dependent on the build quality of the cable - instead, use a HDMI cable, as they're a lot cheaper, and can pump out crispy 1080p full HD images and lush audio without a problem.

It's also possible that you're trying to play a HDCP encrypted Blu-ray disc on a non-HDCP supported television. Not to worry - the most common problem is when several screens are connected to one set top box. Try connecting only the TV you want to watch and you should be fine.