My Toshiba TV won't turn on!

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July 21st, 2009 203,143 43  

 If I told you that one of the features of Toshiba’s LCD TV range was the fact you can turn your TV off – not just put on standby - you would not get too excited about this feature and probably reply, ‘So what, all TVs can be turned off.’

Well not quite, we introduced the Full Power Down (on/off button) feature on many of our REGZA models back in 2008. Along with the obvious environmental issues it was also to support our customers as our most popular call to customer services was how to turn the TV off.

Full power down button on Toshiba REGZA TVs

Previously you had to leave your LCD on standby or turn it off at the mains. The plug I use at home is behind the TV and I would have to be a yoga expert to reach it - clearly not ideal to turn off.

There are a lot of rumours about how much power an LCD TV would use if it was left on standby. To put it in perspective, in an independent test of a 32” Toshiba LCD TV by the Energy Saving Trust showed the energy consumption in watt hours of the TV in standby means it would take approximately 2000 hours before it had used the same amount of electricity as it takes to boil 1 litre of water in a standard kettle.

It is true that old fashioned CRTs consumed about 25% power when in standby but engineering has improved so this is no longer the case.

However the Full Power Down feature at least gives the consumer the option which is also useful for when you go away as there is no need to unplug at the mains.  Toshiba was first to re-introduce the on/off button and several brands have now followed suit but many other brands still don’t have this option.

However as mentioned we do have a few issues with the on/off button as our customer help line is now flooded with calls saying ‘my TV won’t turn on.’ The on/off button is on the left of the TV and needs to be pushed in when first turning the TV on.

Even the odd staff member has told me that their TV doesn’t work! And 100% the case has been they haven’t seen the on/off button on the left. There is also a standby button is on the right along with other controls such as volume and channel change.