Introducing Toshiba REGZA WL: five ways it'll upgrade your living room

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June 1st, 2010 5,187 0  

The Toshiba REGZA WL range is one of the most advanced TVs to escape Toshiba’s design department. What makes this luscious LED backlit TV so special? Read on, and we’ll break down its special skills.

Get the LED out
If you’re unsure of the difference between LCD and LED, our handy guide will help you, but put simply the LED technology behind the Toshiba REGZA WL’s screen makes for an ultra-thin display and produces deeper, richer colours, than a conventional LCD.

Because the screen’s backlighting can be tightly controlled, there’s less wasteful white light bleeding into dark areas either. The result is a screen that shows punchy colours and bright whites alongside gloomy blacks, without them looking grey.

Freeview HD as standard
Upgrading to Freeview HD doesn’t get easier than slipping a Toshiba REGZA WL into the living room. It’s built right inside the TV, ready to serve up HD pictures from your regular aerial. Just swap the connectors over from your old telly to see an instant and dramatic improvement.

You can get the lowdown on Freeview HD in our straight forward guide, but expect a slew of the most popular high quality programmes, surround sound and super-sharp visuals that’ll leave your eyes aching for more.

SoundNavi sonics with Dolby Volume
Wherever you position the Toshiba REGZA WL, it’ll sound great. How do we know? Because it packs Toshiba’s latest SoundNavi technology inside. It’s a smart system that tunes the REGZA WL’s acoustics depending where you place it in the room. It avoids tinny sound, or annoying bass boom by letting you adjust the way sound is fired at your seating arrangement.

Kiss goodbye to the sonic sweet spot. With SoundNavi humming away inside, the REGZA WL range sounds great, whichever seat you take.

As well as Toshiba SoundNavi technology, the REGZA WL range has Dolby Volume technology inside. It’ll silently, and automatically take care of volume jumps between TV stations, and iron out the sound differences when you switch inputs too.

No longer will you be left reaching for the remote control each time the ads come on, or you want to fire up your favourite console. Dolby Volume is ticking away inside, invisibly adjusting every noise your new TV makes, for the better.

Resolution+ performance
Not content with Freeview HD, the REGZA WL range also packs in the latest version of Toshiba’s Resolution+ technology. It’ll upscale any source you feed it, including standard Freeview signals, resulting in crisp images, no matter where they come from.

It’s a boon for telly fans, and those squeezing more from their old DVD collection, as well as gamers who’ll see standard definition consoles upscaled to near Full HD quality.

In fact, the new version of Resolution+ will actually upscale everything up to 1080i, giving signals an extra spit and polish to make them as close as possible to Full HD 1080p quality. Even HD signals get an upgrade if they’re less than Full HD, meaning the REGZA WL series makes even HD TV even sharper.

Wireless wunderkind
The REGZA WL series has DLNA technology inside, letting it lap up photos, music and video from networked computers around the home, whilst also offering access to YouTube XL, so you can enjoy the wonders of YouTube on the large screen. Inside the box you’ll find a wireless dongle, ready to be hooked up to the TV’s USB port to let it grab files wirelessly. No longer will you need to trail cables, position the TV near your router, or scrabble to get files from the PC to the living room.

The Toshiba REGZA WL is a true next-gen entertainment hub, with wireless skills to match.