How to update Toshiba HD TV firmware and enjoy the latest features

How to update Toshiba HD TV
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April 24th, 2012 124,941 0  

If you want to enjoy the best performance on your Toshiba HD TV, then you should be sure to keep it updated with the latest firmware. But what is firmware, how can you install it? Here we should you how to update your Toshiba HD TV.

The best way to understand firmware is to think of it as an operating system  for your TV. It controls every aspect of your television, from hardware to software, and so is crucial to getting the best performance from your set.

Toshiba firmware downloads are free and by installing the latest version you can have easy access to the latest and greatest features and picture quality, to keep your set at the cutting-edge of its abilities.

Updating firmware on your Toshiba TV is quick and easy. Whether you own one of our latest 3D compatible Smart TVs, or an older HD TV, you can have the latest update installed and running in a matter of minutes.

The first step is to identify which model of TV you have. You will find its eight-character model name on a sticker on the rear of the set, with the first two characters denoting the set’s screen size; for example, 26EL833B.

Next you need to boot up your laptop and browse to the Toshiba Download Centre <URL 1>, where you can select your product type and model number from the drop-down menu to access the latest firmware update.

The firmware update file that you need can be found near the bottom of the page with a link that ends with ‘. EXE’. Just click the link, then read and accept the license agreement to start downloading the file.

Once the update has finished downloading, you now need to get it from your laptop to your HD TV, so just connect a USB flash drive to your laptop and drag and drop the new firmware file over to the storage device.

All you need to do then is switch on your TV, remove the USB drive from your laptop and connect it to a free USB port on your set. Then just press the Menu button on the remote control and browse to Setup > Software Upgrade.

Finally, select the option labelled USB Upgrade and press OK on the remote to get your TV to find the new firmware on your USB flash drive and begin the installation. Once completed, your TV will then automatically restart itself.

Once the new firmware is installed, while your TV may not seem any different at first, with a bit of browsing you will find new features and tweaks behind the scenes to have your Toshiba HD TV working better than ever.

And it’s not just your Toshiba HD TV that can benefit from a firmware update. Toshiba Blu-ray players can also be updated with the latest firmware to bring you the latest features and the best picture quality for free.

Updating your firmware takes just a few minutes and the benefits make it more than worthwhile. So why not visit the Toshiba Download Centre and see what a new firmware update could do for your Toshiba HD TV today?

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