Full power down button on Toshiba REGZA TVs: The eco friendly solution

Posted by Toshiba in TV
May 31st, 2011 22,259 6  

It's not just the newest tech that's the most helpful. Today, we're looking at a handy feature inside many Toshiba REGZA TVs that's been around for years, but you might not know about: full power down. What's it all about, how does it work and what does it mean for you? Read on, as we have eco-friendly answers for all of them and you.

Shut it down
Many TVs only turn off to standby mode, both on the remote control and unit itself, which is helpful for instantly powering up again to catch the footie, but does use some power in the background. And if you're the anxious sort who likes to shut off everything completely before they leave for a holiday, you'll know it can sometimes take the agility of an Olympic gymnast to reach behind the TV and flick that mains switch. Enter Full Power Down, available on Toshiba REGZA TVs.

Power saving convenience
A Toshiba REGZA TV with Full Power Down allows you to fully power it off with a flick of a switch on the side of the display itself. Not only does this allow you to quickly and safely shut everything off of an evening, it can even save energy - though it is worth pointing out that LCD TV standby power usage is very low. But what price can you put on piece of mind, both yours and Mother Earth's?

Standby for standby
It's not just a case of either or however. Toshiba REGZA TVs still include a standby button as well of course, for quickly turning on and off the screen from the sofa at your convenience. You'll find one on either side of your model of choice, so take your pick.