What is Toshiba TruBrite display Technology?

June 23rd, 2011 19,684 0  

Resolution and size are just two things to consider when looking for a new laptop with a quality display. The technology that renders all those pixels and all those colours is just as important, and a Toshiba laptop with TruBrite powers will prove that with your first eyes-on experience. But what is TruBrite, and how does it work? This way for the answers.

The history
Toshiba has a long history of innovation in laptop screen technology. In fact, it was the first company to put a colour TFT display inside a notebook computer - so it's no surprise that Toshiba is still delivering eye popping quality on its laptop panels.

What it does
Toshiba TruBrite technology delivers incredible image brightness and clarity, with wide viewing angles (both horizontally and vertically) and anti-glare coating, so light from sources behind you doesn't get in the way of the picture.

How it works
Laptop screens typically need a polariser, a thin laminated layer that filters light and reflects away light hitting the screen (rather than coming out of it). Usually, this has to have a rough surface to diffuse ambient light. But this means images aren't quite so clear, and you get glare.

Toshiba TruBrite technology solves this with a smooth, chemically treated surface that absorbs, rather than deflects ambient light. And since it's smooth, images coming out of the screen appear sharp too. In other words, you get the best of both worlds: sharp picture, and no glare, leaving you to get on with enjoying whatever you're doing.