What is Toshiba Media Controller?

July 16th, 2010 45,394 1  

It hasn’t always been easy to share files between different computers in your house, let alone to get shared music or videos playing between devices. The Toshiba Media Controller sets out to solve that, giving you an easy to use interface for streaming and sharing your multimedia files between connected devices. Read on, and we’ll break down its entertainment smarts in a jiffy!

The Toshiba Media Controller hunts down Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) compatible devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network. It can identify the two different categories – DLNA servers (computers or networked storage devices containing your videos, photos and music) and DLNA clients (devices which can play back those files like your HD TV, internet radio or even mobile phone).

Pre-installed on laptops like the Satellite A660 and Satellite L650, Toshiba Media Controller software lets you easily drag and drop files to be sent from one device to another. You’ll get a simple list of the available devices to choose from, so sharing your media is as easy as clicking, dragging and letting go! Say you wanted to play music from a laptop in the study on your DLNA-enabled sound system downstairs. With Toshiba Media Controller you simply select the files you want to play and drag them onto the device to queue them up. It’s a really intuitive way to share playlists and get multi-room audio going without lots of hassle.

The photos, videos and music you want to play back don’t need to be on your laptop’s hard drive either. Toshiba Media Controller simply acts as the central hub for directing your multimedia files where you want to watch or listen to them.

The great advantage of the Toshiba Media Controller software is that you use the same simple visual interface to work with all your DLNA-enabled kit. There’s no bothersome set-up or confusing menus to work through, no matter which kit your files are coming from, or what sort of gadget they’re being sent to, you’ll always use the same software to control them.

But there’s even more! With the Toshiba Media Controller plug-in for Internet Explorer, you can also fling YouTube clips straight from your laptop’s web browser to a DLNA-compatible HD TV in your living room. With the Toshiba Media Controller installed on your laptop you’ll be able to show those hilarious internet clips to the whole family, without crowding around a small screen. Check out Toshiba Media Controller, and you’ll soon master multi-room multimedia!