How to clean your laptops screen

Posted by Toshiba in Laptops
March 5th, 2009 9,242 0  

A reality of life is that laptop screens will always get dirty, and cleaning them can be quiet a tricky job as usually smudge marks will be left from where a cloth has been rubbed.

When cleaning a laptop screen, always turn off the laptop first. This will enable you to see the dirt on the screen more clearly, and see what marks are remaining. The screen should always be cleaned using a 100% cotton cloth that is soft and absorbent. If you use a cotton/polyester blend that contains stiff filaments, you will risk scratching the screen.

You could try using a well know screen cleaner, similar to “Ixos LCD Display Cleaning Kit” that can be found on the PC World website. This comes with the right liquid to use on your laptop screen as well as a good cloth.

It’s worth noting to never use tap or mineral water as these can leave permanent white spots and streaks.

Never spray the solutions directly onto the laptop screen. Always spray onto a cloth and then gently apply to the screen in horizontal and vertical movements. Ensure that the cloth is only slightly moistened.

Laptop screens should be cleaned on a regular basis to stop the dirt from building up on them and minimising the likelihood of damaging the laptop screen during the cleaning process.