Using your Camileo Camcorder underwater

Posted by Toshiba in Camcorders
April 23rd, 2009 5,046 0  

We’ve had a few people ask if our Camileo range of camcorders are waterproof. Unfortunately the answer is no. Waterproofing technology can increase the price of any given camera by up to 200%. Our Camileo range is all about offering HD at an affordable price so making them waterproof would distract from this premise somewhat!

However, there are many ways in which you can use camcorders underwater, and one of them is to user a waterproof bag like this – Aquapac Camcorder Case 465. There are many other ones around so do your research.

These small, lightweight, waterproof cases are an ideal way in which you can shoot your great videos underwater. Being able to take your video camcorder underwater opens up a whole different world in which you can film – your child’s first swim, the Great Barrier Reef or even just playing around in the swimming pool.

Don’t forget to buy the right case that will fit your Camileo/GigaShot camcorder, and when you’re ready, begin recording the world beneath the water – become the new David Attenborough.